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Civil Litigation Lawyers in Sarnia

Civil Litigation Lawyers in Sarnia – George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP

At the firm of George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, our team of civil litigation lawyers provide our clients with the experienced and dedicated legal services to get the best possible result for you.

As a Sarnia law firm that puts a strong emphasis on civil litigation, our team of professionals works diligently to provide you with trusted, professional legal representation. Although we enjoy a distinguished reputation for successful courtroom decisions, we recognize that out of court settlements may be in our clients’ best interest.

That’s why our preference is to first negotiate with the other party and come to a fair and amicable resolution that furthers your interests. If out-of-court proceedings cannot be resolved, our team of experienced law professionals will represent you in court and secure a judgment on your behalf. We employ a team of civil lawsuit defense attorneys, skilled, paralegals, and clerks who put their legal acumen to work for our valued clients.

Civil Litigation Expertise

The lawyers at George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP have a demonstrated expertise in a wide range of civil litigation matters, including:

Civil Law Areas of Practice

Contract Disputes & Breach of Contract

When parties enter into a formal agreement, you expect the other side to honour it and meet their obligations. If they fail to perform their agreed upon duties, you have every right to be fairly and fully compensated. A breach of contract action revolves around reasonable interpretations of the agreement as they relate to pertinent regulations and legislation. We provide industry-leading legal expertise, advice and civil litigation to resolve contract disputes.

Family Law Litigation & Guardian Applications

Of all the areas of law, family law stands as perhaps the most deeply personal. It goes to the heart of our most intimate relationships with loved ones. Divorce actions, child custody issues, and guardian applications change the way we live and interact with others in our life. We recognize you will be living with the results long after the legal case is resolved. That’s why we make civil litigation a final measure when the other party does not negotiate reasonably.

Wrongful Dismissal

The era of employers holding absolute power over workers is very much a thing of the past. You have strong protections under the law, meaning that an employer cannot dismiss you without cause or prior notification. When large or small companies mistreat you, our civil litigation lawyers are fully prepared to represent you in court and assert your rights.

Insurance Claims

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle to have a claim fully and promptly paid by an insurance company. Often, individuals are left underpaid by their insurance company, or worse, receive no support whatsoever. If you have suffered a loss from an automobile accident or another incident, our civil litigation lawyers are skilled in representing these unique situations, so that you acquire the legal support you deserve.

Estate Litigation

The administration and oversight of estates tend to be complicated, and disagreements are not uncommon. Probate disputes sometimes arise out of conflicts with an executor being unsuitable or wills being invalid. Other issues such as power of attorney and estate accounting discrepancies may require civil litigation to resolve. Our firm practices estate litigation and has the expertise to file an action on your behalf, negotiate the judicial system, and get you the best possible outcome.

Stages of a Civil Lawsuit

When good people suffer a loss and the negligent party refuses to act responsibly, a civil lawsuit may be the only way to secure full, fair compensation. On the other hand, sometimes people are wrongfully blamed by others for their misfortune. As a civil law firm in Sarnia that recovers damages for negatively impacted community members and defends against unjust enrichment by others, we believe it’s essential for our clients to understand the process. These are critical steps that will be taken on your behalf as one of our experienced civil litigation lawyers navigates the process with you.

1. Bringing A Civil Lawsuit Claim

A statement is prepared that outlines the material facts for the court. The plaintiff’s counsel arranges for all defendants to be served and records service with the court. If a defendant fails to respond, a default judgement can be obtained.

2. Defending A Civil Lawsuit Claim

If you have been served with a claim, a statement of defense and possible counterclaim can be prepared on your behalf. Service will be made to relevant parties and filed with the court.

3. Discovery

As parties near trial, motions will be made to obtain documents and information that support a claim or defense. Notice may also be served to question opposing parties under oath in a pre-trial deposition. Your legal team typically has up to seven hours to hold such depositions regardless of how many parties participate.

4. Setting A Trial Date

By compiling a copy of all pleadings, either party can request a trial date. A judge will set a reasonable date and location.

5. Pre-Trial Conference:

Before full trial litigation takes place, the court requires all parties to make a good faith effort to resolve disputes. In court, the goal will be to resolve as many disagreements as possible and narrow down those that require trial litigation.

6. Trial

After opening statements are made, witnesses will be called and examined by opposing lawyers. Evidence will also be submitted to bolster a claim or defend against one. The final judgement may be issued at the conclusion of the trial or reserved for a later date. If you are unsatisfied with the result or we believe an error at law was made during the process, an appeal can be made on your behalf.

If you are struggling with legal issues that require skilled negotiations and determined civil litigation, contact George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, in Sarnia and schedule a consultation.