Accident Benefits Disputes

Accident Benefits Dispute

If you are involved in an automobile accident and suffer a loss, you may be entitled to accident benefits. Ontario’s no-fault car insurance system protects everyday people regardless of who may have caused the accident. While that may sound like a relief, the system requires complicated paperwork, and too many claims are denied. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, our experienced accident lawyers work with injured people to ensure you get the maximum allowable benefit you deserve.

How Can an Accident Benefits Attorney Help?

By working with an experienced team of civil litigation professionals, injured people enjoy the benefit of filing precise paperwork. There are more than a dozen accident benefit forms. Selecting the right ones, and filling them out correctly can be overwhelming.

A reported 42 percent of submitted automobile accident claims are rejected, and many of these setbacks could have been avoided. The following rank among the top benefits you could be entitled to if your claim is filed correctly.

  • Income Replacement Benefits: Eligible parties may receive upwards of 70 percent of your gross income or $400 weekly. Income replacement benefits can help pay bills as you recover for up to 104 weeks. In some cases, the weekly maximum benefit can be increased to as much as $1,000 weekly.
  • Caregiver Benefits: If you are a caregiver, up to $250 weekly could be covered for your first dependent and $50 for every subsequent person in your household. This benefit can last up to 15 weeks.
  • Death Benefits: In tragic accidents, up to $6,000 in funeral coverage can be secured. A surviving spouse may be entitled to $25,000 and other dependents could be eligible for $10,000.
  • Non-Earner Benefits: If you were not working at the time of the accident and cannot carry on normal daily life, benefits may be available that weigh pre- and post-accident quality of life.
  • Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits: Victims of injuries that fall under the Minor Injury Guideline receive up to $3,500 for medical and rehabilitation. If your injury exceeds the guideline, you may be entitled to up to $50,000.

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At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we deliver determined accident benefit disputes legal services so that our clients enjoy the maximum benefits you deserve. If your claim has been denied or you need help securing benefits, contact our Sarnia law office and schedule a consultation with our accident attorneys today.


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