Succession Planning Law

Succession Planning Lawyers in Sarnia, Ontario

Entrepreneurs and industry leaders invest more than just time and money into building a business or brand. The organization represents your life’s work and the realization of your vision, as well as a profit-driving revenue stream. What happens after you retire or pass away has a financial and personal component that requires a proactive business strategy? At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, our team of experienced Sarnia business lawyers work closely with business leaders to create and implement succession planning strategies that achieve your goals.

Benefits of Working with a Succession Planning Lawyer

A deftly crafted succession plan allows entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other stakeholders, to pass along a company in a tax-efficient fashion. But before a truly robust strategy can be outlined, it’s essential that you have a succession planning lawyer who is committed to understanding all of your personal and professional goals. As a law firm that works closely with businesses on long-term success, these are things ways our diligent Sarnia business lawyers can help.

  • Tax Implications: Early succession planning can transition your operation in a way that deals with capital gains and delivers immediate tax relief.
  • Family Transfers: Our experienced business lawyers work with industry leaders, shareholders, and stakeholders to outline family-based transitions and articulate why they are essential to sustained goal achievement.
  • Alleviate Undue Burden: When business owners unexpected die, too often loved ones are tasked with understanding your wishes and guessing at the next steps. A succession plan outlines the key elements of an organization and how loved ones are asked to proceed.

When business owners fail to craft and implement a legal-binding success plan, a custodian could be appointed to oversee a transition or disposition of the organization. Such officials are paid for by the organization or estate. Rather than leave your life’s work to chance, our business law professionals ensure the company is properly incorporated, trusted people are brought to the succession table, and financial implications are clearly outlined.

We Deliver Succession Planning Sarnia Organizations Trust

Our team of Sarnia business lawyers works with decision-makers in wide-reaching industries to craft long-term succession plans. Our firm enjoys an outstanding reputation because we listen, provide quality advice, and deliver secure succession plans that achieve your goals. If you are a business leader concerned about the future of your organization, contact George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a consultation today.