Lawyers for Planned Giving in Sarnia, ON

Lawyer for Planned Giving in Sarnia-Lambton

Doing good works does not necessarily stop at the end of life’s journey. Everyday people have the option of giving to charitable organizations and non-profits by outlining a gift in your Will. Although the decision to do good works is a laudable one, the legal technicalities often require the expertise of an estate planning lawyer. At the law firm of George Murray Shipley Bell, LLP, we provide diligent legal services that ensure your wishes are realized.

Benefits of Working with a Planned Giving Lawyer

The decision about what types of legacy gifts and where they are distributed calls for a thoughtful consultation about your estate plan and financial portfolio. Specific legacy giving proceeds such as life insurance policies and a Registered Retirement Savings Plan may have tax advantages. Regardless of which organization you wish to designate as the beneficiary, it’s imperative to know the actionable options at your disposal. These are things a planned giving lawyer can do for you.

  • Consider wide-reaching legacy giving options
  • Address the legal obligations to living dependents
  • Help you focus on personally meaningful charitable objectives
  • Identify key assets to gift in your will
  • Maximize tax exemptions and savings potential
  • Prepare your legal documents with the force of law to ensure your last wishes are fulfilled

As a full-service estate planning and charitable giving law firm, we are ready to advise you on the best legal methods available to gift cash, stocks, securities, real estate, life insurance, personal property, and other forms of wealth.

Contact A Planned Giving Lawyer in Sarnia, Ontario

If you are considering drafting a will and wish to include a charitable gift or would like to update an existing estate plan, our experienced team of legal professionals can walk you through the process step by step. After making informed decisions, a determined estate planning lawyer will draw up the best possible legal documents to ensure your act of kindness makes a difference. Contact the Sarnia law firm of George Murray Shipley Bell, LLP, and schedule a legacy giving consultation today.