Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Property

Power of Attorney Lawyer in Sarnia

There are two distinct reasons for having a legally secure Power of Attorney in place. The first is to ensure that your personal care and property wishes are fulfilled in the event you are unable to make decisions. The second reason is to unburden your loved ones from having to make difficult choices. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we provide diligent, compassionate legal services that give families the end of life dignity you deserve.

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a legally binding document drafted by an experienced estate planning lawyer that gives someone the force of law to act on your behalf. By creating this document with the consent of your authorized agent, you empower them to take predetermined actions if you become incapacitated in some fashion. A living will is generally created in conjunction, and it provides the details that direct your agent in matters of healthcare and property, among others. There are essentially three different types of Power of Attorney you can select.

  • Continuing Power of Attorney for Property

    This authorizes your designated person to act in financial matters in cases of mental incapacitation.

  • Non-Continuing Power of Attorney for Property

    This also allows someone to act on your behalf in financial matters. However, it cannot be used in instances of mental incapacitation.

  • Power of Attorney for Personal Care

    This type authorizes your designee to make healthcare and personal decisions, including items such as housing, among others.

It’s crucial to work with an experienced power of attorney lawyer when drafting the necessary documents. Banks and other financial institutions may require a valid copy of the Power of Attorney and your signature on authorization forms. People who fail to prepare a Power of Attorney and living will leave these decisions to loved ones or an agent designated by the Province of Ontario government. The outcome is usually expensive and unnecessarily stressful for those you leave behind.

Contact An Experienced Sarnia Power of Attorney Lawyer

End of life decisions about personal care and property are too important to put off until tomorrow. If tragedy strikes, your wishes are unlikely to be followed. The heartbreak your loved ones feel will only be compounded by having to make decisions or negotiate with a government appointee. If you do not have a Power of Attorney and living will in place or need to update existing documents, contact Sarnia’s leading estate planning lawyers of George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a consultation today.