Mediation and Arbitration Services in Sarnia, ON

At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we practice family law in Sarnia that includes mediation and arbitration services as an alternative to adversarial court proceedings. These voluntary legal services create a safe, confidential environment for people to come together and achieve a healthy outcome.

Negotiating emotional-charged family law issues can be defused by a neutral third party whose only goal is to see families move forward with a rewarding future. An open dialogue on issues such as custody, child support, visitation, and co-parenting tends to foster mutual cooperation and agreement. Although mediation and arbitration may not be appropriate in every family law case, the process can reduce conflict and provide the following benefits.

Child Custody and Access

Quality parent-child time requires both parties to account for issues that impact everyday life. By working through a neutral third party, parents can craft a productive custody and access arrangement. The alternative is a court-imposed mandate.

Child Support

Although the court has specific financial guidelines to follow, parents have the ability to come to an agreement that differs based on unique circumstances. Through mediation and arbitration, a plan can be drafted and presented to the court for approval.

Parenting Plans

Children are more apt to flourish when they enjoy a healthy relationship with both parents. But when parents live apart, schedules, distance and different ideas about raising a child can become problematic. Mediation helps bring all the moving parts into one positive discussion and resolve obstacles. Your child benefits the most.

Elder Mediation

Our valued elders face challenges that come with age. They deserve to enjoy their golden years and our legal services help bring families together to craft plans that are mutually agreeable and beneficial.

During the mediation and arbitration process, we begin by listening and gain an understanding of the issues that are important to you and your family. With this knowledge in hand, we bring people together and craft a living agreement that can support your family’s needs for years to come.

Mediation and Arbitration Family Law Services in Sarnia

If you are facing a family law issue that could result in painful litigation, mediation and arbitration may be a healthy option. Our Sarnia legal team brings experience and insight into alternative dispute resolution. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we offer our valued community members compassionate mediation and arbitration services. Contact our team of Sarnia family lawyers and schedule a consultation today.