Property Divisions

Property Division and Settlement in Sarnia, ON

As a leading family law firm in Sarnia-Lambton, George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, delivers determined and compassionate legal care to our valued community members. People faced with family law issues are often overwhelmed with emotional and financial burdens. We recognize these problems are deeply personal, and the relationships of everyday people will be impacted long after the case has been decided. That’s why resolving issues such as property divisions requires an experienced Sarnia family lawyer.

Property Divisions in Traditional Marriages

Under the Ontario Family Law Act, married couples are considered to share equaling in the profitable growth of net property assets. This stands to reason given that both spouses worked to build the marriage and took an equal risk during their partnership. Spouse generally enjoy an equal share of the wealth accumulated during the marriage. However, these are notable exceptions divorcing spouses should consider.

  • Pre-Marital Property
  • Inheritances
  • Marital Home

It’s also important to arrive at fair and equitable property divisions by accounting for debts that arose during the marriage. The process is generally referred to as the “equalization of net family properties,” and it’s essential to work with a skilled family lawyer to secure the wealth you deserve.

Property Divisions for Common Law Couples

When people live together in a permanent relationship for three years or have a child together, they are generally considered a married couple under common law. When that relationship breaks down, the division of property can become a court matter.

What’s unique to common law property divisions is the court works under the idea of neither party gaining “unjust enrichment” from the relationship. Determining that financial line can be complicated. Like a traditional marriage division, sworn financial statements may be required in accordance with the Family Law Rules. Without the guidance of an experienced Sarnia family lawyer to protect your interests, common-law marriage breakups often result in unfair outcomes.

Professional Property Settlement Lawyers in Sarnia, Ontario

If you are considering dissolving a traditional or common law marriage, it’s vital to work with an experienced family lawyer who can deliver lasting results. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we get everyday people the fair, equitable property divisions you deserve. Contact our law office and schedule a family law consultation.