Easement Appeal Representation in Sarnia

Easement Appeal Representation in Sarnia-Lambton

A property dispute ranks among the most stressful and complex issues that confront landowners. That’s because resolving a land easement involves a blend of legal points, fact-finding challenges, and sometimes stubborn abutters. Litigating a commercial property dispute can involve critical square-footage that centers on millions of dollars. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, our team of Sarnia municipal law professionals draw upon a wealth of experience and practical knowledge to clarify and resolve land disputes. We provide our valued clients with determined property dispute advice and are prepared to take unreasonable parties to court on your behalf, if necessary.

Sarnia Municipal Lawyers for Land Easement Resolution

Because property disputes may involve heated emotions with a neighbouring landowner, it’s essential to resolve the issue as quickly and amicably as possible. That’s why our land easement lawyers typically engage in negotiations with the third party on your behalf. Focused discussions that set emotions aside are more likely to bring about a positive result that two angry abutters. It’s also imperative that your property rights are protected. These include the following.

  • Peaceful use and enjoyment of your property without disturbance
  • Right to access legitimate right of ways
  • Right to contest and eliminate illegitimate easements or right of ways
  • Assert adverse possession rights under the Road Access Act
  • Contest a claim of adverse possession

Property disputes remain a unique problem at law that requires determined litigation and creative solutions. Our leading Sarnia municipal law firm enjoys the experience to further our clients’ property rights using wide-reaching solutions. These include entering into a limited land easement agreement with a sunset clause, fair compensation for use, or negotiating the purchase of the land at issue, among others. But when third parties are unreasonable, we can file an action on your behalf and seek an easement appeal if unsatisfied with the initial result. In some cases, it may be in your interest to sue for damages and recover any losses you incur.

Sarnia Land Easement Representation You Can Trust

Although land disputes can be stressful, there’s no reason that you have to endure the negative emotions, hostile negotiations, or litigation alone. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we resolve many land easement issues without a court appearance. But when third parties are unreasonable, we are fully prepared to protect your property rights with determined litigation. If you are concerned about a property dispute, contact our Sarnia municipal law firm and schedule a consultation today.

Thoughtful land development supports our community with essential infrastructure and business opportunities that enhance the quality of life of Sarnia-Lambton residents. Those rank among the critical reasons why our firm chooses to provide decisive business law services to industry leaders.

But despite the benefits projects deliver to everyday people, the process of land development remains a difficult one. Small, mid-sized, and large companies all face a complicated legal and bureaucratic process that begins in the planning stages and can continue long after the grand opening. At George, Murray Shipley Bell, LLP, our determined team of Sarnia municipal lawyers shoulder many of these burdens, so decision-makers can focus on bringing your land development vision to fruition.