Lawyers for Bylaws and Legal Agreements

Lawyers for Municipal Bylaws and Legal AgreementsWe all rely on municipal governments to facilitate the necessary infrastructure that positively impacts everyday people’s lives. These include roads, bridges, recreational facilities, and the appropriate land use planning that enhances the quality of life in our urban and rural areas. Municipalities and the organizations that work in conjunction with them require diligent legal counsel and representation to adhere to bylaws and craft viable agreements.

At George, Murray Shipley Bell, LLP, our municipal law team provides the high-level services municipal governments and organizations need to further their goals. In terms of handling bylaws and legal agreements for municipal law, these are areas we excel at on a daily basis.


Our municipal law team provides detailed guidance to ensure local and regional bylaws are consistent with laws passed by the Parliament of Canada.

Land Use Planning

The goal of sound land-use planning is to bring about results that are both socially and environmentally desirable. Municipalities are tasked with passing zoning regulations and policies in a fashion that is fair, legally consistent, and delivers a community benefit. We provide the legal guidance and representation necessary to pass regulations and bylaws that will stand up to strict scrutiny.

Municipal Joint Venture Agreements

Economic development collaborations between the public and private sectors are not necessarily partnerships. The furthering of mutual goes calls for detailed contracts that clearly define each party’s obligations and benefits. It’s essential that government entities and private operations avoid misunderstandings that can lead to costly litigation. Our municipal law team has the expertise to avoid such setbacks.

Purchase and Sale of Municipal Property

Furthering community goals often involves purchasing and selling land for development and protected green space, among other reasons. The procedural steps for these types of transactions are rigorous and technical in nature. We ensure that missteps are avoided, and properties are bought, sold, and managed seamlessly.

We Practice Diligent Bylaws and Legal Agreements for Municipal Law in Sarnia, Ontario

While there are many reputable law firms, George, Murray Shipley Bell, LLP, has made a commitment to the practice of municipal law. Our municipal law team manages this niche area on a daily basis, and that experience has enhanced the services we provide for our valued clients. If you are considering an endeavour that requires expertise with bylaws and legal agreements for municipal law, contact our Sarnia, law office for a consultation.