Lawyers for Expropriation Law in Sarnia, Ontario

Expropriation law issues rank among the most emotional and financially complex. When a property is seemingly needed for a vital infrastructure project, government entities and third parties typically leverage the Expropriation Act to secure the land. But neither the law nor the court provides a defined process to negotiate full fair compensation. And when a property owner believes seizing the land is not necessary, the action can result in expensive and protracted litigation. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, our experienced Sarnia municipal lawyers deliver cost-effective solutions.

Property Owners Facing Expropriation Law Cases

Everyday people are often stunned to receive a notice that their land is the subject of an expropriation law matter. The idea that the government or a third party can take your land seems inconsistent with property rights. But when infrastructure projects are necessary for the health and welfare of the community, the Expropriation Act allows such actions. These are ways our Sarnia municipal lawyers ensure you get full fair compensation.

  • Negotiate the voluntary sale on your behalf
  • Accurately assess the fair market value
  • Seek compensation for disturbance expenses
  • Seek compensation for injurious affection
  • Seek compensation for relocation costs

Our team of experienced expropriation lawyers works tirelessly to secure the full fair compensation you deserve through negotiation, mediation, and litigation, if necessary. But if you believe the Act is being misused, we are prepared to challenge the third party’s claim that taking your land is necessary.

Work With An Effective Sarnia Expropriation Law Firm

It’s in all parties’ best interest to resolve disagreements that arise from land acquisition under the Expropriation Act. As a law firm that works seamlessly with property owners and developers alike, we provide diligent services that avoid unnecessary litigation and deliver expedient and equitable results. If you are facing an expropriation law issue, contact George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a consultation today.