Lawyers for Land Development

Lawyers for Land Development in Sarnia-Lambton

Thoughtful land development supports our community with essential infrastructure and business opportunities that enhance the quality of life of Sarnia-Lambton residents. Those rank among the critical reasons why our firm chooses to provide decisive business law services to industry leaders.

But despite the benefits projects deliver to everyday people, the process of land development remains a difficult one. Small, mid-sized, and large companies all face a complicated legal and bureaucratic process that begins in the planning stages and can continue long after the grand opening. At George, Murray Shipley Bell, LLP, our determined team of Sarnia municipal lawyers shoulder many of these burdens, so decision-makers can focus on bringing your land development vision to fruition.

Permitted Land Use & Variances

We provide our clients with detailed legal advice on permissible land use and strategies to secure appropriate variances. These include navigating technical and sensitive issues such as environmental impact and regulations, among others.

Municipal Approvals

Our Sarnia business lawyers provide legal guidance to ensure land use applications comply with municipal regulations and planning. Complicated issues such as shared land and easements are not necessarily impediments to furthering a project. We negotiate with abutters and key stakeholders to keep your timeline intact.

Ontario Municipal Board Appeals

In the event your application has been denied, our Sarnia business lawyers will prepare an appeal on your behalf to address critical issues and make a persuasive case for a reversal.

Compliance & Regulations

We review and advise industry leaders on the stringent and complex land development regulations to ensure your project remains in compliance at all phases. It’s a process that begins on the drawing board and continues long after an endeavour is fully operational.

Trusted Sarnia Business Lawyers for Land Development

As Sarnia’s largest full-service law firm, George, Murray Shipley Bell, LLP, has provided the in-depth business law knowledge that land developers require for more than three decades. Our valued clients have enjoyed proven legal advice, project involvement, and advocacy in a cost-effective fashion. If you are considering a land development project in the greater Sarnia area, or are faced with business law challenges, contact our Sarnia law office for a consultation.