Lawyers for Land Use Planning

Lawyers for Land Use Planning in Sarnia-Lambton

As a firm that practices municipal land planning and development law in Sarnia, George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, provides business leaders with the personalized legal expertise required to enhance profit-driving projects. With municipalities setting complex standards over location, project conditions, environmental considerations, construction scopes, and even limits on infrastructure enhancements, industry leaders are well served by having a local Sarnia-Lambton law firm comprised of experienced lawyers to effectively negotiate the complicated process.

Whether you are new to planning and development or a seasoned CEO, you deserve to secure fair compensation for your investment. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we deliver the attention to detail and due diligence with regard to municipal law in Sarnia, so that you can focus on project goals. These are planning and development areas our team of experts handle every day.

Municipal Planning Approvals

Our determined municipal law team secures approvals by reviewing applications to ensure they meet the zoning regulations, including the most recent amendments. It’s essential that applications do not suffer setbacks, such as the need to resubmit due to technical flaws.

Planning and Development Approvals

Gaining approvals for infrastructure and government facility enhancements can become stalled due to issues such as minor variances and incomplete peripheral agreements. The government can be challenging to navigate, even when a project benefits the community at large.

Permit Appeals

If your organization has received a permit denial, crafting and arguing a persuasive appeal can save a project. Our lawyers are prepared to file a claim and argue your position.

Expropriation Proceedings

When our clients are required to undergo hearing over land compensation or claims resolution, our team brings vital experience to the table.

Levy Appeals

It’s not uncommon for companies to be excessively charged fees. These can be resolved by appealing to the municipal body. We are prepared to file a claim with the Ontario Municipal Board to ensure you are justly treated if necessary.

As an experienced law firm that practices municipal law in Sarnia, we have established a long-standing reputation for excellence. Our legal team deftly advises our clients in a cost-effective fashion that allows industry leaders to attain their business goals. If you are considering a municipal land planning and development undertaking, contact George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a consultation.