Lawyers for Securing Land Development Permits and Approvals

Lawyers for Securing Land Development Permits and Approvals

As municipalities continue to play an increased role with regards to regulation and planning, securing land development permits requires navigating a complex bureaucracy. That’s largely because municipalities are tasked with higher land-use planning and oversight responsibilities.

Effectively negotiating the legal landscape where private-sector land development companies and land use planning bodies intersect requires experienced Sarnia business lawyers. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, our experienced team of municipal law land development professionals provide diligent legal services.

Determined Land Development Permits & Approvals Services

To say that municipalities exercise broad authority within their boundaries would be something of an understatement. Although infrastructure development and fulfilling land use planning strategies are essential to a community’s success, government bodies tend to move forward slowly and with caution. Enlisting experienced Sarnia business lawyers streamlines process and avoids unnecessary setbacks. These are areas our expertise proves beneficial.

  • Land use representation before municipal groups, administrative agencies, and tribunal review boards
  • Garnering approvals for land use planning and development applications
  • Securing approvals for subdivisions, zoning changes, and variances
  • Permits and approvals for major infrastructure projects
  • Expropriation representation before inquiry boards, if necessary
  • Dispute resolution regarding compensation, injurious effects, damage, and losses
  • Taxation disputes arising from land development use changes
  • Building permit and land development appeals
  • Resolving environment application issues regarding sensitive habitats, brownfields, and climate concerns

It’s essential for private sector industry leaders to understand that municipal governments are tasked with a heightened responsibility to protect the quality of life for residents. To successfully fulfill that mandate, stringent rules, regulations, and a sometimes challenging bureaucracy has been developed to help ensure transparency. With that in mind, our Sarnia business lawyers have a long-standing reputation that has opened the channels of communication. Our clients benefit from the many years our firm has worked closely with private sector professionals and municipal officials alike.

Trusted Sarnia Municipal Lawyers for Land Permits and Approvals

At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we work closely with land development professionals to cost-effectively gain permits and approvals necessary to your project’s success. We understand full well that a sluggish bureaucracy or permit denial can cost your company time and money. Our team of Sarnia business lawyers puts their strong working relationships and expertise to work to deliver the best outcome possible. If you are considering a land development project or have already encountered a setback, contact George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a consultation today.