Variance Applications & Appeals in Sarnia

Lawyer working on variance application at George, Murray, Shipley, Bell law firm in Sarnia

Municipal leaders craft broad strokes zoning regulations with the best interests of the community in mind. But sometimes these well-meaning rules negatively impact the way a property owner can leverage a parcel. For everyday people to maximize the benefits of a building or land use, they may need to submit variance applications to overcome regulatory obstacles. If you are a property owner unable to move forward with a project or lucrative land use, George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, provides variance property law solutions.

How Our Variance Lawyer Secure a Land Use Change

Property owners sometimes struggle with the notion that an administrative body has the authority to determine how you use your land. When everyday people are denied preferred usages, emotions rise and often unravel the chances of securing even a minor variance. A skilled municipal lawyer enters the process with impartial insight and deftly navigates variances applications on behalf of property owners. These are aspects of the process best left to a legal professional.

Document Support:

The success rate of variance applications generally improves when all the pertinent documents are presented. Lawyers who work in the field on a daily basis enjoy first-hand knowledge about what officials require to give approval.

Avoid Procedural Errors:

To say the legal system is complicated would be an understatement. When people try to navigate the bureaucracy, missteps can result in a denial. A variance lawyer understands the process and avoids procedural setbacks.


When an abutter or neighbour opposes your major or minor variance, an experienced lawyer begins by reaching out and negotiating. Misunderstandings often lead to costly litigation that can otherwise be avoided by impartial communication.


When boards deny variance applications, it’s crucial to understand their decision can be appealed. People who didn’t anticipate a negative result often hire a variance lawyer to file and argue an appeal. In many cases, missing documents, application errors, and communication gaps can be resolved during the appeal process.

Contact Our Trusted Variance Property Law Firm

If you appear unable to maximize the benefits of your property because of a zoning issue, filing a variance application may solve the problem. Zoning boards offer variance applications because significant differences exist between land usage maps and parcels. As a firm that works in variance property law daily, the experienced professionals George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, have the practical knowledge and legal acumen to get property owners the best possible result. Contact our Sarnia office today and schedule a variance application consultation today.