Zoning Amendment Law

Zoning Lawyers in Sarnia, Ontario 

An existing zoning law defines the permitted types of land use that generally include residential, commercial, industry, and a variety of mixed-use possibilities. Within an existing zoning law, subsets of requirements are also articulated. These typically outline items such as lot size, building height, frontage, and allowable structures, among others.

Much of the difficulty property owners and developers encounter revolves around outdated minutia. Regardless of how antiquated some of the minor requirements may seem, zoning amendments may be necessary to allow progress to occur. These are ways a zoning lawyer can help you secure a needed change.

  • Petition for Zoning Law Change: An experienced zoning lawyer will take the lead and complete all necessary applications. Within these documents, we provide essential reasons why the change is necessary, and in the community’s best interest.
  • Present Your Case: Local zoning boards review the application and typically ask questions or request more information. Our team of experienced zoning lawyers routinely walks people through each step of the process.
  • Zoning Amendment Appeal: Not every local board agrees with necessary changes to zoning amendments. When a board does not act reasonably, we are prepared to present your request to a Planning Appeal Tribunal.

When municipal agencies are presented with persuasive reasons why zoning amendments are mutually beneficial; the process moves smoothly. But critical missteps usually upend progress, resulting in property owners and developers not receiving full fair land use.

Work With A Sarnia Zoning Law Firm You Can Trust

Having experienced zoning lawyers engage with municipal bodies helps facilitate a sometimes cumbersome process. Local and appeal boards require detailed applications that clearly articulated reasons why they should approve zoning amendments.

As a Sarnia law firm that works with the private sector and municipal organizations alike, our zoning law professionals are uniquely skilled to effect change for our valued clients. If you are considering applying for a zoning law change or are already bogged down in the process, contact George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a consultation today.