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Lawyers Shaking Hands Over Commercial Lease Negotiation Facilitated by Sarnia Law GMSB

Skillfully handling commercial leasing negotiations sets the table for an organization’s success or failure. That is largely true because a commercial lease legally binds landlords and business owners into a mutually agreeable contract. The commercial lease typically ranks among a company’s largest expenses. It also determines the amount of revenue a property owner enjoys and the specific terms. 

At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we bring vast knowledge and experience to commercial leasing negotiations and work diligently to secure our clients the best possible agreement. If you are considering leasing business space, these are reasons to work with an experienced commercial real estate attorney. 

Why Enlist A Commercial Real Estate Attorney for Leasing Negotiations?

Because our experienced legal professionals work in a wide range of business sectors daily, we bring comprehensive insights into commercial leasing negotiations. Working with both property owners and tenants to craft the most lucrative and beneficial agreement possible, our clients can anticipate the following. 

Reviewing Offers:

We take a proactive approach to sending and fielding offers and counteroffers. Rarely is a mutually agreeable lease resolved without a thorough negotiation process. This remains essential because you will be obligated under the final terms. 

Length of Lease:

Commercial lease negotiations require identifying how long parties will remain obligated under the agreement. Time ranks among the most critical factors for both parties. We work closely with business professionals to craft a deal that serves your interests. 

Dispute Resolution:

A thoughtfully conceived lease can integrate clauses that save time and money should disagreements emerge. It may be in your interest to include a cost-effective process in the paperwork that avoids unnecessary litigation. 

Due Diligence:

When working with a commercial real estate agent from our firm, you can expect that agreed-upon elements find their way into the final document. We hold the other party accountable and ensure you get the legally binding lease you deserve.    

Contact Our Trusted Law Firm for Commercial Leasing Negotiations

As a law firm that practices real estate law and negotiates commercial leases regularly, our experienced attorneys are determined to secure a forward-thinking lease. If you are a business leader or property owner considering leasing commercial space, contact George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a consultation today.