Land Development Law

Land Development Lawyer in Sarnia, ON

The laws and zoning regulations regarding land development are continually evolving to protect people and the environment. While modifying existing guidelines is generally in the best interest of the community, navigating bureaucracies, government agencies, and other challenges often require the expertise of a land development lawyer. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, our team of experienced and determined real estate lawyers work with professionals to cut through the red tape. A skilled land development lawyer can save you time, money.

Real Estate Lawyers Allow You to Focus on Goal Achievement

Whether you are an investor, builder, or entrepreneur, turning your vision of turning a parcel of land into a robust, profit-driving business requires your full attention. Experienced developers often find that getting bogged down in legal and bureaucratic minutia detracts from industry leaders’ ability to focus on results. These are items a skilled land development lawyer can take off your plate so that you can maintain a laser-focus on project success.

Environmental Law

Changes to environmental regulations are usually made each year. This has a substantial impact on location, allowable businesses, and design elements. A single misstep can prove costly or completely upend a project.

Municipal Law

One of the critical services our real estate lawyers deliver is negotiating with municipal bodies in areas that include planning, zoning, variances, and gaining approvals on time, so the project avoids unnecessary setbacks.

Construction Law

We provide experienced legal services that include contract development, dispute resolution, and litigation when necessary. Working with a land development lawyer from the start of a project can avoid common impediments.

Land Use

Residential and commercial developments often involve subdividing tracts, and condominiums may require specialized permitting. Our real estate lawyers can streamline these and other land-use challenges.

Experienced Land Development Lawyers

The value of having an experienced land development law firm to manage tedious regulatory and legal issues cannot be understated. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we recognize the time, money, and efforts invested into bringing your vision to fruition improves opportunity for our community. If you are considering a real estate project, call our Sarnia law office and schedule a consultation today.