Land Purchases and Sales

Real Estate Land Purchases

Land purchases and sales present tremendous opportunities. They also come with hurdles and risks that can exceed those of residential homes and commercial buildings. That’s why it’s essential to work with a real estate law professional when planning a land sale or purchase. At George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, we handle the due diligence that delivers a seamless transaction and gives you peace of mind.

Why Work with a Real Estate Law Professional?

Although many people consider dealing with a real estate agent as a logical step when making a land sale or purchase, these professionals have certain limitations you should keep in mind. Many work exclusively for the seller, and they are generally not certified to handle real estate law issues. These are issues that require legal help to address effectively.

  • Outstanding Liens on a Tract of Land
  • Judgments Against the
  • Property
  • Unpaid Taxes
  • Easements and Right-of-Ways
  • Accurate and Updated Surveys
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Land Use Restrictions
  • Zoning Classifications and Restrictions

It’s not uncommon for tracts of land to sit idle for many years. During that time, natural changes may occur, such as wetlands movement or a squatter may have established rights. It’s crucial to have a determined real estate lawyer who will ensure the transaction runs smoothly. These are vital services we provide our valued community members.

  • Negotiate and Craft Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Represent Land Buyers or Sellers in Negotiations
  • Review and Advise on Mortgage Contracts
  • Conduct Land Title Due Diligence
  • Review Property Tax Liability
  • Oversee the Closing

The value of having a real estate law professional advise you during each critical step of the land transaction cannot be understated. We enjoy a long-standing reputation for excellence and consider it our duty to ensure our clients can make a truly informed decision about your land sale or purchase.

Work with Experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Sarnia

If you are considering a land purchase or sale, our legal team provides precision due diligence and determined representation that ensures your transaction runs smoothly. Contact the Sarnia law office of George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a consultation today.