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Debt Collections Lawyers in Sarnia, Ontario

The very foundation of honest business dealings is that we rely on each other to make payments in full and on time. When a third party fails to make good on their financial obligations, there comes the point when that missing revenue can severely impact your company. 

It’s not uncommon for business professionals to worry that the cost of working with debt collections lawyers can reduce the revenue they need. But hesitating on debt collection actions typically result in hard-working people losing the entire sum. That’s why the team of experienced collection lawyers at George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, deliver cost-effective civil litigation services that maximize debt recovery. If you are troubled by a non-payer, we can take wide-sweeping actions on your behalf. 

Our Sarnia Collections Lawyers Take Proactive Measures 

We work diligently to keep working people informed about pathways to debt recovery. A collections attorney typically conducts searches of the debtor’s financial holdings, including any prior actions taken and potentially hidden assets. The team generally advances non-litigation efforts to save our clients time and money. But when someone declines to make things right, we take prompt action to secure the maximum repayment possible. 

  • Filing Construction Liens

    When monies are not paid on time, it may be prudent to file a construction lien against a property or holdings. This strategy ramps up pressure that proves effective.

  • Garnishments & Levies:

    Personal debts can be resolved through ongoing wage garnishments that deduct money from salaries and divert it to you. Business debts can be made whole by levying corporate accounts.

  • Seizure & Preservation Assets:

    Called a “Mareva injunction,” this strategy is part of Canada’s common law and can be leveraged in specific cases where debtors could divest themselves and avoid paying creditors.

  • Receiverships:

    When a company appears to be slipping into possible bankruptcy, it may be in your best interest to file civil litigation and secure a receivership. This ensures that a portion of incoming revenue is put toward the debt you are owed.

Our Sarnia Debt Collection Lawyers Deliver Cost-Effective Results

As an experienced debt collection law firm, we understand that irresponsible parties can disrupt your revenue stream and make doing business increasingly difficult. That’s why we take efficient steps to correct the issue and minimize our clients’ expenses. If someone has failed to meet their responsibilities and refuses to pay you, it’s crucial to take prompt collection measures before they squander or hide what money is available. Contact George, Murray, Shipley, Bell, LLP, and schedule a debt collection consultation today.